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The 10 point program

Nanite Solutions believes in a Systematic approach for talent hiring, talent development and talent managment. Whether you are a fresher or an experienced person, when you work at Nanite Solutions, you gain a lot of knowledge and if you are knowledgeable, you will also experience the happiness in giving / sharing knowledge with others.

"Nanite University" as we call it, is a great place to learn lot of concepts from fundamentals like OOPS and Design Patterns to advanced concepts like NoSQL, AWS, Clean Architecture etc. We also are a very small but agile team thus making the learning very fast and fun at the same time.

The 10 point program at Nanite Solutions consist of the following steps to make any fresher, trainee or Intern to become a strong and robust software profressional:

  • The first step for learning any technology is to be clear with the foundation and funcamentals. Basic concepts like OOPS, SOLID Principles, RDBMS are all revised, reviewed or learnt during the first phase.
  • As developers we need to be very good with our programming skills and good programming skills come with a lot of logical analysis, problem solving skills and analytical thinking. Folks at Nanite undergo regular programming exercises to learn and improvise on such skills
  • Next steps focuses on Data Modeling, DB concepts, Querying, Advanced concepts related to data management. Various tools and platforms, ER diagrams are learnt along with comparative analysis of databases and technologies.
  • Process becomes an important factor in any software development environment. People get introduced to various methodologies related to Software Development like Waterfall Model, Agile Scrum, Extreme Programming etc. Documents and templates and their importance.
  • Foundation training also involves Web Technology areas like HTML, Web Services, Javascript, PHP or other Server side programming languages. More importantly the inner workings of Request/Response, JSON, SOAP, XML concepts are all learnt for a rock solid foundation.
  • Depending on the career path chosen by the trainees/Interns they start getting into Core Technology areas like Android, iOS, Web etc. This phase involves repetitive activities to ensure concepts are well understood and gives the ability to implement them in the future projects with the right way of doing things and with confidence.
  • At Nanite Solutions, we strongly feel that, a software developer is not just a coder. A software developer is a holistic technologist who can write code, execute unit tests, deploy applications on to different servers, pull code from repositories, learn build management, fix technical issues and the make the product work with the best technical design. Use of various tools like SVN, Git, Automated Build Management Systems, Code refactoring tools, Bug tracking systems are all used in real world context with existing projects or live examples to make them technically robust.
  • While a developer is not readily an Architect, every developer should start understanding application architecture and the way a software product is built. QoS areas like Performance, Security, Scalability, Extensibility are all very important concepts to be aware of to build a solid product. In the advanced learning stage of the 10 point program, people learn these concepts w.r.t the existing code or new assignments and challenging problems.
  • In the advanced concepts stage, people also start learning newer and niche technology areas like IoT, Cloud, NoSQL with focus on some interesting areas like AWS, MongoDB, Smart Wear, Android TV etc.
  • "Hands-on Hands-on Hands-on" becomes the Mantra in the end stage. This builds a lot of confidence in the individuals who go through the 10 point program and make them Jedi Knights of Software Development and ready to build some robust applications

The 10 point program above achieves a very interesting goal for Nanite, where a Nanite University graduate with 4-6 months is capable of doing things like an average developer with 3-4 years experience. This is making a younger team at Nanite under the guidance of senior folks build extremely good products at a fast pace.

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